The Road

1 week old Finn – still at the hospital.

Our Road to Rainbow.
We suffered two missed miscarriages in 2017, which rocked me to my core. I slipped into depression which I didn’t fully realize until I was (mostly) out of it. When I got pregnant with Finn it wasn’t smooth sailing. As if pregnancy after recurrent loss wasn’t difficult (and anxiety filling!) enough, I had complications in the first trimester as well as the third. I ended up having placental abruptions which ultimately led to Finn being born prematurely at 34 weeks. He is everything we ever wanted and more.

The story doesn’t end there, we found out we were pregnant again a few weeks after Finns first birthday. This was a total surprise, but we were over the moon. Unfortunately, at the 8 week scan we were told those dreaded words for a third time: “I’m sorry, there is no heartbeat.” My walls started crumbling down again, but now it was a little different. I experienced the same heartbreak, however I also experienced extreme gratitude for this little person I did get to grow, birth, and raise. He’s our miracle.

Our current situation
After three miscarriages, you get tested for reasons why. They found out I had an abnormality which needed to be removed and could have caused my losses (and complications with Finn). Unfortunately, the first surgery failed. Right now we are waiting to meet with a new referral surgeon.

August 2019.